Fast and Furious: Spy Racers - First Look!

General / 18 November 2019

Hey all, some "first look" images from our show have been released! Really proud of what the amazing team put together and can't wait until the show comes out Dec. 26 on Netflix. Fast and Furious: Spy Racers! To see all the images and read about the casting, see the full article here:…/netflix-fast-furious-spy-racers-cast-firs…/ Post ~

General / 18 June 2019

Apparently shared my work a few months ago, very honored! Here's the link, cheers! 

Fast and Furious Teaser Trailer! ~

General / 13 June 2019

Hey all! 

A new teaser trailer just dropped for the show I'm working on. It's very short and sweet, check it out! 

(image below isn’t mine, just a promotional image)

Really excited to be working on this with an amazing team!