The Legend of King Arthur

Here's my submission to the Keyframe segment of the Artstation King Arthur Challenge. You can find the process and challenge link here:

My keyframes focus on Lancelot's point of view. In my reading of the story, he and King Arthur have aways hated one another. A slow buildup of jealousy and hatred leads to the final dissolution of the great Knights of the Round Table.

Pace wilder knighting paintover 2

"The Knighting of Sir Lancelot" - Lancelot, the future greatest knight in all the realm, is knighted by King Arthur, a pivotal moment in both their stories.

Pace wilder tournament60

"The Chosen Knight" - Lancelot proves himself in tournament against multiple knights at once, cementing his name as the greatest fighter in the land.

Pace wilder theswordinthestone 60 pw

"It Should Have Been Me" - Flashback to years earlier. Lancelot, still a young nobody, turns away as King Arthur pulls the sword from the stone in front of cheering crowds. The hatred begins to brew in Lancelot's heart.

Pace wilder lancelotflees 70

"Under Cover of Night" - His treason at last discovered, Lancelot is forced to flee the castle under cover of night, leading to the eventual breaking up of the Knights of the Round Table.

Pace wilder mood 90