The Legend of King Arthur

Here's my submission to the Keyframe segment of the Artstation King Arthur Challenge. You can find the process and challenge link here:

My keyframes focus on Lancelot's point of view. In my reading of the story, he and King Arthur have aways hated one another. A slow buildup of jealousy and hatred leads to the final dissolution of the great Knights of the Round Table.

Pace wilder knighting paintover 2

"The Knighting of Sir Lancelot" - Lancelot, the future greatest knight in all the realm, is knighted by King Arthur, a pivotal moment in both their stories.

Pace wilder tournament60

"The Chosen Knight" - Lancelot proves himself in tournament against multiple knights at once, cementing his name as the greatest fighter in the land.

Pace wilder theswordinthestone 60 pw

"It Should Have Been Me" - Flashback to years earlier. Lancelot, still a young nobody, turns away as King Arthur pulls the sword from the stone in front of cheering crowds. The hatred begins to brew in Lancelot's heart.